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Diva Academy
Diva Academy
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* Mattress is not included in the price.

* * Mattress size: Width 90cm , Length 190cm, Height 18 cm

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This is a compact studying unit with side opening single bed, closets with sliding doors and 2m long desk functions. Special mechanism lets all items stand on the desk during opening and closing of the bed. The desk always keeps it parallel position to the floor.

You can transform your wide desk to a bed when you wish..

Mattress size: Width 90cm, Length 190cm, Height 18cm.

Especially people who live in small and studio apartments know well how important it is to have a furniture with more than one function. Because it is almost impossible to put a bedroom, a studying room, a wardrobe and a bookcase all together in small apartments.

Multimo, the first brand coming to mind about space saving furnitures,developed Diva Academy that allows small apartments to contain all of sleeping, studying and storage solutions. Diva Academy also offers wide and free living space to places like student campuses for better hosting more than one student in a room.

Diva Academy offers a 2m long desk for studying at daytime and a horizontally opening single bed that flips down whenever you feel likely to sleep or to rest. Diva Academy also offers a nice solution for storage with its two big closets hidden behind sliding doors at the top of the bed.

Our product has 202cm width, 208cm height, 89cm bed-closed depth and 118cm bed-open depth.

As our all products, Diva Academy is produced with materials in EU quality standarts.

Folding bed mechanism, also designed and produced by Multimo, has a minimum 10 years of lifetime and this period may extend much longer depending on a careful usage. 25 years old Multimo products are still working and being used in homes, student campuses and offices.

The mattress base is supported by aluminium frame and slats for extra comfort and increasing the durableness.

If you do not want your bed to occupy your living space in your home, room or office, Diva Academy with side opening single bed is just for you!

Product Measurements; Width Height - Closed Depth Open Depth
Diva Academy (114)202 cm208 cm-89 cm118 cm
Diva Single Door Wardrobe Module (107)47,5 cm208 cm-56 cm56 cm
Diva Cross Module (100)23,5 cm208 cm-40 cm-
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Diva Academy - Technical drawing
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You have free space for everything by Gaysan Smart Furnitures. Our single furniture models serves with different functions for different needs thanks to their moving mechanisms. Your bed can transform into a wardrobe.
Todays houses are getting even smaller. Thus, our need for smart furnitures is increasing. Trust the space saving furnitures that are being produced by long years experience of Gaysan and stop furnitures occupying space in your house.
Do your children need more space for playing, or do you want to transform your saloon into a guest room when your friends come? Get more from your home by our foldable wall beds!